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Welcome to Colorado 4-H Youth Development

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STEM Education - Colorado 4-H

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An Introduction to 4-H STEM - Why STEM?

Don't let the simple acronym fool you! STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are critical to our country's continued position as a world leader in innovation, invention, and discovery. There is a growing need for a STEM prepared workforce, yet a declining number of young people are choosing to become our next generation scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists. American students score lower on tests of science and math skills than students in many other countries, both developed and developing. There are fewer degrees being awarded in the STEM disciplines. There are fewer young people going into STEM careers. In addition, there is a troubling lack of diversity in the ranks of aspiring scientists. All of these are causes for concern as the US moves forward in the 21st century, potentially without these critically important engines of continued economic development and success.

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K-12 Afterschool Programs

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Colorado 4-H offers educational materials that can be used in K-12 school enrichment and after school programs. This portion of our website offers activity sheets, standards-based curriculum, enrichment opportunities, and additional resources.

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