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To Colorado 4-H Shooting Sports Team and those with SS responsibilities:

This spring we will have an opportunity to add members to the State Team. New Team members will be selected based on program needs of discipline and geography. An individual must have 2 years of experience at the local level, and the recommendation of the local extension office. The National Training is April 28 through May1 at The NRA Whittington Center at Raton New Mexico. If you know someone who is interested in joining the State Team please have them download an application from the link provided below:

State 4-H Shooting Sports Leadership Team Membership Application


Shooting Sports Contest

State Shoot - Contest Dates:
Weekend 1: August 16 & 17
Weekend 2: August 30, 31, & September 1

We have received the rules for the 2014 national 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational:

The tentative schedule for the 2014 Shooting Sports contest is now available on our Contest page.


2014 Sporting Clays Fun Shoot

Washington County, Akron, CO
RESCHEDULED - NEW DATE: April 27, 2014 - Washington County Shooting Club, Akron, CO

2014 Flagler YHEC Event

May 3-4, 2014 - Flagler, CO

The Flagler YHEC Event will also be the state qualifier event for the State 4-H HOS project. While 4-H'ers are welcome both days, those senior 4-H members interested in qualifying for the National 4-H Hunting Contest will need to participate on Saturday May 3, 2014. Please visit the Colorado NRA website for more information:

Weld County 4-H Shotgun Invitational Trap/Skeet/5-Stand

May 10, 2014 - Weld County Fish & Wildlife, Galeton, CO

The event will be held at the Weld County Fish & Wildlife in Galeton, CO. For more information, view the event flyer.

Weld County 4-H Shooting Sports Contest

June 7, 2014 - Ft. Lupton, CO

This event is being held at the South Platte Historical Society Range in Ft. Lupton, CO. Disciplines offered:

  • Archery - Compound & Recurve
  • .22 Rifle - Hunt, Sporter & International
  • Muzzleloading
  • Air Pistol
  • Air Rifle - Utility, Sporter, 3-Postion, Olympic & Silhouettes (Natl. event) Junior & Senior Division

View the event flyer for more information.

27th Annual 4-H Shooting Sports Family Campout

June 13-15, 2014 - Victor, CO

The campout is held in rustic Victor, Colorado for 4-H members, families, leaders and staff interested in 4-H Shooting Sports. For registration and event information, please view the flyer/registration form:

Garfield County Shooting Sports Invitational

June 14, 2014 - Rilfe, CO

Rifle Sportsmen's Club Shooting Range North of SH 13 & Fravert Rd., Rifle CO 81650.

For questions, please contact Greg Shaner at or call the Garfield County Extension office.

Adams County 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational

June 21, 2014 - Brighton, CO

Colorado Clays - 13600 Lanewood St., Brighton, CO 80603
Trap, Skeet, & Sporting Clays

Delta County 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational

June 28, 2014 - Delta, CO

4-H Shooting Range, 13255 Trap Club Road, Delta, CO

Jon Wangnild Memorial Sporting Clays Shoot

June 29, 2014 - Brighton, CO

Jon Wangnild 1970-2013
To benefit the college fund for his three children
Colorado Wildlife Officer Jon Wangnild passed away in a tragic accident on June 27, 2013 at age 42. He inspired his fellow officers with his devotion to his family and community. In this tradition the Colorado Wildlife Employees Protective Association is proud to host a sporting clays fundraiser.

Colorado Clays - 13600 Lanewood St., Brighton, CO 80603
Event is open to the public!

If you wish to have an event posted, contact Jim Hamilton at


2014 Shooting Sports Leader Training Workshops

Adult and Teen 4-H Leaders: Registration for the 2014 Shooting Sports Winter/Spring Workshop series will be held online this year. Please visit our Workshops page for more information about workshops and online registration.

General Information


2014 Colorado National Invitational Shoot Teams

The 2014 Colorado National Invitational Shoot Teams list has been posted and is now available!

3rd Annual Shooting Sports Raffle

This year's 4H Shooting Sports Raffle was a huge success over 19,000 dollars raised for Colorado's 4-H Shooting Sports Program. Yuma County led the way by selling over 3,000 dollars worth of tickets. Several clubs had over 1500 dollars of sales. Thanks to all to participated!

Youth Spotlight Article

Please take a moment to check out the Youth Spotlight article by Luke Hull, which originally printed in the fall 2013 issue of the Hunter & Shooting Sports Education Journal. In this article, Luke talks about his love for hunting and how it was made possible through the 4-H hunter education and training that he went through as a youth.

Article courtesy of Hunter & Shooting Sports Education Journal.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The understanding of science and scientific principles is extremely important to the education of today's youth! A well rounded education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) is critical for youth as they enter college and workforce settings. 4-H uses its projects and programs to help youth understand just how important an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is to advancing our society's competiveness in a global market place.

What happens to a bullet fired on the moon?

Colorado 4-H Shooting Sports STEM ConnectionsFirst, we know that the bullet has the same initial velocity on the moon as it does on the Earth - that is, it exits the gun at the same speed. But as soon as it leaves the gun, it's a different story. First, the moon bullet doesn't have to contend with air resistance - with so little friction, it can maintain its speed longer than the Earth bullet can (it's analogous to shooting a hockey puck across ice, which has very little friction, and shooting a puck across sand, which has a lot of friction. The puck will travel a lot farther on the ice!)

Now, there is the issue of gravity. Assuming your bullet doesn't hit anything (a pretty safe bet on the moon, but don't try this on Earth!) and forgetting about air resistance, the time it takes for the bullet to fall to the ground depends on its initial velocity, the angle at which you shoot it, and the force of gravity.

There are several formulas to calculate how long it would take for the moon's gravity to bring a bullet to the ground (and we may visit them in a later 4-H Shooting Sports Science Blast!). The simple answer is... Neglecting air resistance, the bullet will go about 6 times farther on the moon than on Earth!

You might also ask, if the bullet were fired straight up, could it actually escape the moon's gravitational pull and fly off into space? To answer this, we have to compare the moon's "escape velocity" (the minimum velocity (speed) an object needs to escape the moon's gravity) to the bullet's initial velocity. The moon's escape velocity is about 2.38 km/s (about 5300 miles per hour), but a bullet typically travels at only 1 km/s (about 2200 miles per hour). So take cover - even in this case, what goes up must come down!

Something to think about!!