Colorado 4-H Shooting Sports Program Article

"State 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Report Forms & instructions."

Colorado 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Reports

Shooting Sports Instructors: In a effort to document the large numbers of youth contacts and contact hours provided by our certified 4-H Shooting Sports leaders, the forms and instructions below have been developed. This documentation effort is part of a state wide effort to determine the value of 4-H and in particular the 4-H Shooting Sports Program. It is extremely important that each 4-H Shooting Sports leader take the time to accurately document their donations of time and the resulting contacts they make. These numbers will make it easier to document the depth of our program and its impacts as we strive to grow our program and involve new supporters and sponsors.

If you have questions on the completion of these forms or in general the uses of this information, please e-mail me at: or call me at (970) 491-6225.

Deadline is October 15 to Sam Lowry!